Marketing Policy

Your personal data can be used by the owner of the venue you are visiting to send marketing messages by SMS and/or Email.

Privacy Policy

Data we collect:

  1. Information we collect during authentication process: data from your social network account or mobile number.
  2. Pages you browse to determine your user profile. We DON’T save any financial data or passwords.
  3. Data about your mobile device used to access the Service (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC): brand, model, browser version, MAC address and data/hour you have accessed the Service.

We’re using cookies to determine the device used for accessing the Service and Google Analytics to determine captive’s portal performance.

Data storage
Your data are stored in a private and secured environment according to local legislation. In the situation you don’t re-authenticate in this venue for 365 days your data will be deleted.

How your data will be used
Collected data can be used by venue’s owner and entitled authorities when we’ll be forced to disclose any data in order to protect any legitimate interest and risk.  In the situation you haven’t offered your consent you won’t receive any marketing messages.

Accessing your data
Venue’s owner offers a phone number and email to unsubscribe with ease. The unsubscribe phone number and email are: “Numar Telefon” si “Email”.

The User’s refuse for marketing consent does not equal with Service access denial. The User has the right to use the Service by accepting Terms and Condition Use