How Guest WiFi works for your venue

For SMB clients we send you a pre-configured AP / Guest WiFi Router linked to your client account. You connect it to internet and it works! Just have to configure the splash page with video / images digital ads and that was all! Your are ready to impress!

We speack also Enterprise language :)
Just drop us an email with your case. Even you have a shopping malls network, stadium, airport, events hall, transportation company, we can do it.

Also, if you are a vendor and look for a captive portal AAA solution, would be interesting to discuss.

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The user selects your Guest WiFi network. In the welcome page the user can choose to connect using a mobile number or a social media account. Using the Welcome Page you can show video ads / images or encourage users to visit your Facebook page, see hottest offers or download your APP.


If the user selects MNA(Mobile Number Authentication) we use 2FA to valid the entry. In case the authentication is made through social media account, the data validation is made automatically. User can interact with another video ad in each page through the captive portal.


We build complete user profiles including: gender, birthdate, name, device brand and model. Also we count users visits, dwel time, timestamp they authenticated last time and other insights that help you send communication campaigns using with higher ROI and lower costs.


When the user returns to your venue we detect if all personal data were collected(complete user profile). If negative we display the addional data collection page. If positive we show an ad or give user internet access.


  • Our entire infrastructure runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. According to new European regulation GDPR we use only data-centers located on the European Union territory.
  • Access to any client account is made through a secure communication channel server to server.
  • The Guest WiFi is secured using VLAN.
  • For any technical issue we provide our clients the technical assistance service through phone/email.