Who we are

FreeWiFi® is a web platform that helps marketers from retail to create own database with real clients, digitize their presence, analyze their behaviour and engage them Wi-Fi technology.

AnyMedia is an advertising agency specializing in digital and mobile marketing. The Agency was born in 2009 and its activity gradually developed as the special demands of the customers gradually increased.

Our Mission

Simplifying marketers life using advanced tehnologies.

FreeWiFi® Solution for you

FreeWiFi® : Collect. Analyze. Engage!

  • creating your own real mobile numbers database;
  • creating and sending SMS's to the numbers in your database;
  • analyzing the history and the efficiency of your SMS campaigns;
  • real time statistics, referring to live user behaviour.

Where can you use FreeWiFi®?

This service has a wide usability. FreeWifi platform can be used by any company that is offering public wifi to its customers, who have the average stationary time higher than 3 minutes:

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes;
  • Large shopping centers: direct communication via SMS and email;
  • Banks: SMS alerts for actual promotions, traffic analysis and mobile apps usement;
  • Medical Clinics and Hospitals: client feedback and cross sales;
  • Transport and logistic: Taxi reservations, Package tracking, package delivery scheduling;
Some of the clients who trust Free WiFi®

Vendor agnostic
Compatible with any Wi-Fi infrstructure

A FreeWiFi hardware is installed in your location/venue. Users connect to the WiFi network by introducing their mobile number or using a social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter.

After validating user data, FreeWiFi® system registers and stores technical, demographic data and digitize their presence&behavior. All collected information can be used through FreeWiFi CRM or send via SecuredAPI to 3rd party system like SalesForce or Microsoft Power BI.

SeeTechnical Description

Imagine how would it be like for a customer that the moment he passes by your store to receive a SMS referring to an ongoing promotion? How would it be like, at the 5th come-back to your store, the client receives through SMS a promotional discount code that can be used on the spot?

Seecampaign scenarios


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